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Ohio Licensed Professional Counselors Supervision Categories and Courses

Professional clinical counselors applying for supervising counselor status shall meet the following minimum requirements.  Professional counselors who hold the supervision designation prior to January 1, 2013 may continue to hold that designation as long as they maintain it in good standing.

(a) Document a minimum of twenty-four hours of academic preparation or board approved continuing education coursework in counselor supervision training including training six hours in each area as follows:

(i) Assessment, evaluation and remediation which includes initial, formative and summative assessment of supervisee knowledge, skills and self-awareness; components of evaluation e.g. evaluation criteria and expectations, supervisory procedures, methods for monitoring (both direct and indirect observation) supervisee performance, formal and informal feedback mechanisms, and evaluation processes (both summative and formative), and processes and procedures for remediation of supervisee skills, knowledge, and personal effectiveness and self-awareness;

(ii) Counselor development which includes models of supervision, learning models, stages of development and transitions in supervisee/supervisor development, knowledge and skills related to supervision intervention options, awareness of individual differences and learning styles of supervisor and supervisee, awareness and acknowledgement of cultural differences and multicultural competencies needed by supervisors, recognition of  61 of 79 relational dynamics in the supervisory relationship, and awareness of the developmental process of the supervisory relationship itself;

(iii) Management and administration which includes organizational processes and procedures for recordkeeping, reporting, monitoring of supervisee's cases, collaboration, research and evaluation; agency or institutional policies and procedures for handling emergencies, case assignment and case management, roles and responsibilities of supervisors and supervisees, and expectations of supervisory process within the institution or agency; institutional processes for managing multiple roles of supervisors, and summative and formative evaluation processes; and

(iv) Professional responsibilities which includes ethical and legal issues in supervision includes dual relationships, competence, due process in evaluation, informed consent, types of supervisor liability, privileged communication, consultation, etc.; regulatory issues include Ohio laws governing the practice of counseling and counseling supervision, professional standards and credentialing processes in counseling, reimbursement eligibility and procedures, and related institutional or agency procedures.


Supervision Online Courses: Text

Best Practices in Effective, Hands-On Clinical Supervision (6 CE hours) – Counselor Development

Best Practices in Telesupervision – (4.5 CE hours) – Management and Administration


Ethics for Clinical Supervisors – 3rd Edition– (3 CE hours) – Professional Responsibilities


Supervision and Trauma Work:  Equipping the Supervisor and Supervisee – (3 CE hours) – Counselor Development


Supervision and “The Office”:  Lessons Learned From the Manager of Dunder Mifflin – (3 CE hours) – Management and Administration


Supervision for the Stages:  Facilitating Supervisee Growth Along All Levels of Professional Development – (3 CE hours) – Counselor Development


The Art and Science of Supervision – 2nd Edition (3 CE hours) – Assessment & Evaluation;  Counselor Development;


Supervision Online Courses: Video


Basic Clinical Supervision #1:  Myths, Models, Formats and Legal IssuesVideo (3 CE hours) – Counselor Development


Basic Clinical Supervision #2:  Ethical and Risk Management IssuesVideo (2.75 CE hours) – Professional Responsibilities


Advanced Clinical Supervision #1:  Legal and Ethical Issues When Supervising Couples Work and Family TherapyVideo (3 CE hours) – Professional Responsibilities


Advanced Clinical Supervision #2:  Legal, Ethical, and Risk Management Aspects of SupervisionVideo (3 CE hours) – Professional Responsibilities


Advanced Clinical Supervision #3:  Assumptions, Legal Issues, Competencies, Cultural Humility, and Self-Assessment – 2nd Edition - Video (3 CE hours) – Counselor Development, Professional Responsibilities


Advanced Clinical Supervision #4:  Identifying and Resolving Problems in Performance, Giving Constructive Feedback, and Managing Potential Dual Relationships in SupervisionVideo (3 CE hours) – Assessment and Evaluation; Counselor Development


Advanced Clinical Supervision #5:  Initial Assessment of Supervisees, Developmental Level of Supervisees, Roles and Responsibilities, and EvaluationVideo (3 CE hours) – Assessment and Evaluation


Clinical Supervision:  Development Levels of Supervision - Video (3 CE hours) - Counselor Development


Clinical Supervision for Those Who Work With Couples and Families:  Legal and Ethical Issues  - Video – (3 CE hours) – Professional Responsibilities

Clinical Supervision in Difficult Circumstances Video (3 CE hours) – Management and Administration


Essentials of Clinical Supervision – 2nd Edition - Video (2.75 CE hours) – Counselor Development; Management and Administration


Ethical Practice in the Delivery of Telehealth Clinical Supervision Video (3 CE hours) – Professional Responabilities

The Art and Science of Supervision – Video (3 CE hours) – Assessment & Evaluation, Counselor Development


Supervision for the Stages:  Facilitating Supervisee Growth Along All Levels of Professional Development  - Video – (3 CE hours) – Counselor Development


Supportive Supervision:  Facilitating Growth While Reducing Compassion Fatigue Among SuperviseesVideo (3 CE hours) – Counselor Development


The Role of Supervision and Leadership in Professional and Program DevelopmentVideo (5.75 CE hours) Management and Administration